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  • Shshonee
    Oct 7, 2004
      The longer you do treatment the more tired you get, that's pretty normal. The meds build up in your system over time and your body gets plum tuckered out.

      My hair thinned a lot on treatment, but it came back. I just whacked it all off. Was almost to my waist and I was too tired to mess with it on treatment so I cut it off to an inch or two all around and died it red and spiked it up punk (I was dark blonde lol). Talk about going wild! (for me that is wild, my husband nearly freaked). But it was fun :). I knew I couldn't maintain that long mess and had to cut it, why not have fun with it? Now I'm growing it out. It's down to my shoulders, about where I'll keep it now. I'm too lazy to mess with hair much anymore.

      I ordered groceries online (albertsons.com in my area delivers for $10.00 and it was worth the price cuz I was pooped), got a maid every other month to clean the toilets, and made sure the groceries were nukable and made the family cook for themselves while I hogged the remote and propped my feet up.

      Don't hesitate to take advantage of this time of your life. Look on the good side! You be sick. Make THEM work!! Their (the family) is good for something, we hope anyway. And if they don't, shame their lazy butts into it. lol I babysat my daughter's two preschoolers on treatment and they kept me busy and focused on other things so I really didn't get to lie around much, but they were good kids and daughter kept house for me on her day off. If hubby didn't do laundry, hubby had no clean clothes. If hubby didn't do dishes, hubby had no clean dishes. It's as simple as that. :)

      Nothing wrong with accepting you don't feel good, cuz you DON"T. And don't let nobody tell you no different. Most people don't feel peachy keen on treatment. Family don't like it, tell family to do treatment lol. Remind them that if it were cancer, they wouldn't be ignoring the situation. Tell them to substitute "cancer" for "hep C" and "chemo" for "treatment" and there ya go. They'd be all 'oh honey what can I do to help you, you poor thang'. Wouldn't they?

      My advice, use it. :) Take advantage of it best ya can.

      Don't feel guilty.

      It doesn't last forever.


      Take a deep breath.

      Get a big stick.

      Hit anybody who gives you a hard time up side the head and tell God they died (an old saying in my family, don't really do it, I'd be liable :).

      ((((((((( hugs ))))))))) to you :)


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