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  • Mark Middle Mountain
    Sep 19, 2004
      Ivan is finsihed yet. wheeling WV had 9.5 inches of rain Fri, Pittsburgh PA
      had 7, an all time record for one day. The initial flooding was the creek's
      quickly overflowing, stranding kids in schools blocking roads knocking out
      electric and all that sor tof stuff. That receded by this morning. My son's
      soccer field is covered with silt and the goals full of debris.

      Now the Ohio river is slowly rising. It is almost surreal, because it is
      warm sunny and still out, but the Ohio keeps rising, forcing 10s of
      thousands to flee their homes and will peak an estimated 13 feet over flood
      stage on Sunday. More millions in dollars worth of damages, which on it's
      own would have been national news but as merely a side effect of Ivan, isn't
      even getting mentioned. I spent the day emptying basements and helping
      people move.
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