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  • Tatezi
    Sep 1, 2004

      I don't remember your genotype, but it used to be that 1s (whether 'a' or 'b') didn't have an RNA (viral load) run until 6 months into treatment. That might have changed because I'm a 1b, just did treatment through the County hospital and they ran an RNA around 2 months into treatment. Now that could just have been the way County does it...I don't know. I did Pegasys with Ribavarinn and probably had there not been a significant drop in my viral load, they would have pulled me from treatment. Fortunately I was undetectable and ended up doing 49 weeks of treatment.

      The first treatment I did was Rebetron (a combo treatment before the pegs were developed) and although my viral load dropped considerably during treatment, I didn't respond.

      I'm 2 months post treatment and when I went for my one month post treatment RNA results this week, it was discovered that either the lab lost my blood or the results since they weren't in the system. So another blood pull and another month to wait for the results.

      As far as your LFTs, those could very well have dropped because you are on treatment. Even if we don't respond to treatment, the time we spend on treatment are known to help our livers. Claudine can probably explain this better...I don't pay much attention to studies and stats like I used to, I don't even remember the normal counts like I used to...I'm a bit jaded with all that stuff and just live a healthy life and don't worry about my hep c.

      And some people don't ever have elevated LFTs...I never have.


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      From: tammster62
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      Well, my blood test came back yesterday and the white counts are
      still down a little, but not low enough to bother with (sigh). I was
      thrilled about that. I hate those shots.
      Anyway, the nurse told me that my liver counts are back down into the
      normal range. I took this as a good sign. Please tell me that it is
      actually a good sign LOL.
      ps. I will not have the test for viral load (am I using that phrase
      right?) for another 3 months.

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