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15070Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Neupogen/Painkillers and the Liver (repost)

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  • Shshonee
    Jul 26, 2004
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      <<acetaminophen is the recommended medication for relieving minor
      aches, pains and headaches from any cause in individuals with liver
      disease. >>

      She might be a doctor and she might say that, but I think it's a bunch of

      Tylenol came in the US hot and strong in spite of the problems it causes
      with the liver. Check the number of deaths in ER from Tylenol combined with
      ____ fill in the blank. It does not mix well. Usually it's with alcohol,
      unfortunatley, but also doesn't always mix well with other meds and can set
      up like a poison, mostly because people are stupid and don't read what is in
      their OTC meds.

      I think of it like I do aspartame. It's OK if you HAVE to take it.
      Otherwise, I stay away from it.

      I try to stay as "natural" as possible in my pain meds.

      <<Still, the best advise for individuals with liver disease is to
      totally abstain from alcohol. >>

      And why not Tylenol if one will hurt you the other one will too? (rolls

      nothing we take as heppers is really safe. However, we all must be aware of
      the pros and cons of our meds, at least the basics. What works and why it
      works, but also, what it does to our bodies.

      I choose nsaids - aspirin, ibuprofen, alka seltzer - for my basic needs.
      Usually one aspirin does the trick, where sometimes it takes 4 ibuprofen and
      I could take Tylenol by itself all day and never notice anything. I know
      that I can take one half vicoprofen and add two Tylenol (or two ibuprofen if
      I'm careful not to take any more nsaids for several hours). Tylenol really
      doesn't do me much good because most of my pain is inflammatory type stuff.

      I also don't worry about having a glass of wine now and then. Even my
      gastro said that it's benefits outweigh the negatives at this point because
      my liver is in good shape. The heart benefits alone are worth it. The
      relaxation when I'm stressed is definitely worth it. He said he would not
      recomend anyone with stage 2 or more to drink at all, but with a stage 0/1
      liver, and as little as I drink, not to worry.

      You're going to hear a lot of differing opinions from different doctors. A
      LOT of what your doctor says will depend on YOUR state of health, esp the
      state of your LIVER.

      But also temper it knowing that these doctors were trained in the "Tylenol
      age". I remember when Tylenol came onto the scene. Such a big stir! It was
      the next big thing to sliced bread. Big promos, big commercials, kinda like
      Scherring and their rush to get everyone on treatment, whether they need it
      or not. Any reports of deaths from Tylenol OD's, misuse, etc. were quickly
      squashed. If a new medication came out nowadays and caused as many deaths
      as Tylenol misuse, it would never make it to market. If taken as
      prescribed, MOST people won't have a problem, most HEALTHY people.

      Everything heppers put in their body has to be filtered by their liver. So
      just be aware when you take it, know if you add OTC meds that include
      Tylenol, and don't over do it. Be a smart hepper :)

      We could always go back to brewing white willow bark tea (ew and it tastes
      like crap!), chanting and howling at the full moon!

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