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15065Re: Neupogen

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  • tammster62
    Jul 25 3:21 PM
      --- In GIWorld-Hepatitis@yahoogroups.com, Arkhepcgal@a... wrote:
      > Tammie,

      > Ultram is a prescription, NON-Narcotic pain med. I take it for

      This sounds wonderful!!! I also take Celebrex for arthritis. I wonder
      if I could take both? I will have to ask the Doc about this. Thanks
      sooooo very much.
      And what you said about telling myself to be thankful, because this
      means it works LOLOLOL. I have been doing the same thing myself, but
      when it hurts, that talking to yourself gets a little old LOL.
      I am trying to be thankful for all of this, considering the
      alternative. But the black spots on my stomach and legs from the
      shots and now taking the shots of Neupogen and Epogen (which stings
      like crazy) sometimes I do tend to get down about it.
      I will talk to the Doc tomorrow about getting something for the pain.
      ps. Do you mind if I ask where you live in Arkansas? I live outside
      Texarkana and just wondered if you were anywhere close?
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