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15064Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Neupogen

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  • Arkhepcgal@aol.com
    Jul 25, 2004
      I took Neupogen for several months. Since I take Ultram all of the time for
      pain, it helped a lot with the bone pain from the Neupogen. Since my wbc's
      were critical, I tried my best to talk myself into believing it was a good pain
      cause that meant it was working. (Hmmmph-well, it worked most of the time.)

      Ultram is a prescription, NON-Narcotic pain med. I take it for everything!
      It helps with the sciatic pain too, if I take enough of them. My doc and I
      both want to stay away from any of the narcotic pain meds cause I've had
      constant pain for many, many years and Ultram seems to work the best.

      If you haven't tried Ultram, talk to your doc about it. If generics work
      good for you, then Tramadol, which is the generic for Ultram, might work.

      Good luck, I understand what you are feeling.

      Betty in Arkansas

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