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14590Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Excessive sweating

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  • Tatezi
    Jun 5, 2004
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      It really was a coincidence...and perfectly timed. Life sure is interesting the way it twists and turns...

      Menopause sure throws one's body out of whack, doesn't it. Do you take any herbs to help you deal with it? I have a couple books that I got many many years ago on treating menapause naturally so could look things up for you. I never read it since my 'change' happened all at once.

      Well, we have electricity in America...and they even bumped some football for the Belmont. But I was sweating it there for a while...all the other major networks are carrying Reagon memorials (ex president who just died).

      Thanks, Carol....that was so thoughtful of you to post that link for all of use who suffer with excessive sweating.

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      Hi Tats....I didn't read the link cuz I don't have the problem....but it sounds dreadfrul. ...and for sure going thru meno, but it seems to be a reverse meno, I'm always cold instead of hot. ... The day of the horserace and the landlord is going to need the electricity turned off for awhile for the electrician....

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