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14589Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Excessive sweating

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  • Carol
    Jun 5, 2004
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      Hi Tats....I didn't read the link cuz I don't have the problem....but it sounds dreadfrul. It's the coincidence that really got me. Another funny thing is they show a cartoon type guy wearing a heavy t-shirt and holding himself like he's cold. LOL.

      As for me, I'm 51, got all my parts except for having my tubes tied....and for sure going thru meno, but it seems to be a reverse meno, I'm always cold instead of hot. Go figure! I haven't really had any other symptoms but I know I can be grouchy, or get grouchy very easily.

      The day of the horserace and the landlord is going to need the electricity turned off for awhile for the electrician....I warned him I'm not turning it off when the race comes on so he knows and this time I'm in control <grin>

      I hope your nausea goes away...you'll be ok when you're off tx.
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      Yep, this is it. Did you notice the awful treatments they have for it? Electrical shock, clipping the nerve, botox...geesh, if the sweating doesn't kill you, the treatment sure will.

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