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14167Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Hi all...with an update

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  • Tatezi
    Apr 11, 2004
      Hi McGee...

      No, the interns did not prescribe procrit or epogen...this is the problem with using a county facility...the knowledge level is even lower than with MDs.

      Had I known then what I now know, I would have made a fuss and demanded one or the other. I never had this problem with the last treatment and I honestly "assumed" it was my thyroid again. I am in constant battle with my thyroid when on treatment.

      It is a terrible feeling...and each time I push myself to do one little thing around the house, I end up taking a couple hours nap. I feel helpless and I don't do helpless well.

      If County won't do anything tomorrow, I'll go get some accupuncture. I don't know what I'm going to do about work. I'll just have to play that by ear (or breath <g>)


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      HI Tat...I was pulled from treatment several times during my 13 months due to
      anemia. Eventually, I was managed fairly well with Procrit 40,000 units
      weekly. Are u on it? I remember when the anemia first hit and my counts bottomed
      out..OMG! I could not get out of bed. It's a terrible feeling..the
      shortness of breath etc. My doc also had me on Vit A, Folic Acid, Vit E. It took me
      8 months before I became jundectable, but I've remained that way (at least I
      still was at my last test last year.) I was never able to take the proper dose
      of Riba because of the anemia. Anemia is really nothing to fool around
      with...better to drop the Riba down or altogether, or even to stop treatment for a
      few weeks than put your body in jeopardy. Hang in there..this too shall
      pass! magee

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