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14154Question about high ALT levels

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  • Mary Johnson
    Apr 11, 2004
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      After doing the treatment for 14 weeks, I took a break because I had lost
      the hearing in one ear and I wanted to see if it had come back. Besides, I
      had cleared the virus and even though my doc and everyone else said that it
      would almost certainly return, I wanted to explore that "almost".
      Well, my hearing didn't return, but the virus did. When I went off the
      treatment, my enzymes were completely normal. Now, 2 months later, my ALT is
      267, AST 136 and even the Gamma GT is elevated.
      So, I'm going back on the treatment but I am planning on not working this
      time as I don't think I can face that nightmare again.Does anyone know how
      long you can have high ALT's before real damage is done? This is the highest
      they have ever been for me.

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