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14147Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Hi all...with an update

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  • claudine intexas
    Apr 10, 2004
      --- Tatezi <tatezi@...> wrote:
      > looked back to my last lab and my hemoglobin was at 6...surely that
      > would have rung some warning bells to a real doctor.
      Yes, that should have rung LOTS of bells! You must not have a real
      > I was unaware of the danger I was in until I came home from County
      > and did some research...damn, you can die from severe anemia.

      Yes, you can. This is serious.

      All they said was that if it gets worse to
      > page them and go to the emergency room. They didn't even warn me to
      > watch for chest pains.

      You have even the slightest twinge GO to the ER ASAP. If your pulse
      gets over 120 I would go if I were you.
      > Why they didn't prescribe procrit or epogen...I don't know.

      Well, #1 is probably that these are very expensive drugs. However,
      all recent studies say to prescribe one of them before resorting to
      stopping ribavirin completely. #2 is that it doesn't sound like you
      have a real doctor! Maybe he doesn't know about those drugs. Really.

      I think I'd page that doctor and ask him to prescribe either Epogen
      or Procrit ASAP. Your other doctor could prescribe it but then who
      will have to pay for it?
      > Anything else I should avoid to make it through the weekend?
      Everything that is not necessary! Eat, sleep, rest. Or go to the ER.

      Keep us posted.

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