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14144Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Hi all...with an update

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  • Carol
    Apr 10, 2004
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      Tatezi, I am worried about your rapid heartbeat too.....I had that when I tried the old combo....in fact, I still have it and am going to a cardiologist after having an ECG. That's one of the many reasons I quit the treatment....my heart was racing so fast I couldn't take my pulse and then I started getting chest pains. I think it's from the riba rather than the interferon....which could be why they told you to drop a pill. But that's not acceptable in your case. Try to sleep as much as you can this weekend and go to the hospital immediately if you get chest pains or your heart is racing. I don't know the numbers like Claudine does but you're way too low for hemoglobin. I'll feel better knowing you can get ahold of your doc on Monday....please, do nothing physical ok?

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      I'm in pretty awful shape...I will admit that. Don't like admitting it, but
      sometimes I have to be realistic. Been sleeping a whole lot (we were off
      yesterday). The intern I saw this week at County actually gave me his pager number
      and said if I felt worse to page him and get to the emergency room. So I knew
      it was serious....county interns do not give out their pager numbers. But of
      course they wouldn't tell a mere mortal anything about what was happening to me.
      That's why I posted my update...I needed you guys and your knowledge.
      Yea gads and little fishes, Tat, If they gave you an inhaler, then they
      should have hospitalized you then.......and all they told you to do was lower your
      ribavirin level.......
      Well, since it's Sat. I guess you can wait until Monday, but for heaven's
      sake stay put, do nothing, and keep the phone in your hand. Not to sound
      frightening, but if I were there you'd be in the hospital. I forgot about your
      thyroid problem or I wouldn't have suggested the iron.
      Please be careful and call county intern on pager if
      necessary...........don't hesitate........
      and that's a friendly order.

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