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14113Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis]Smoking pot while on treatment

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  • AVansi7465@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2004
      In a message dated 4/1/2004 4:11:16 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      lands142@... writes:
      HI.In Holland you can go to the Doc.and he.ll fill you out a prescribtion for
      pot.The pharmacy has it in stock.The government pays for it.National
      health-scheme.The world upside down (when you smoke it).In the summer Amsterdam is
      crowded with,to name but a few,with young americans,students from the
      midwest,etc.Going first to the anne frankhouse,the vincent van gogh museum and then to
      the coffeeshops to blow.You see them sitting and really going stupid,laughing at
      all kinds of things a normal person would.nt laugh at.They.re so boring and
      stereotype.After they.re being shaking in the coffeeshops they go out stoned in
      the streets where,big red eyes,swaggering and laughing and then ofcourse they
      are getting robbed by the people who are looking for these kind of innocent
      stupid americans and they clean them out from what they hve
      left,pasport,tickets etc.In the summer they hve a special dept. for the americans college boys
      and girls who are being cleaned out in Amsterdam.Yes,yes,yes..you can call your
      mum from here....Don.t talk about pot,I hate it.It.s become,at least in
      Amsterdam,a maffia-related means of making big,big,money.It also gives my beloved
      city a bad name.If I travel abroad and they see I.am from Amsterdam,even at my
      age,I hve to strip,it.s allright when it.s a nice young custom officer but I
      always meet the old bags.I also know many people who are addicted to pot.Po tis
      addictive.Sorry folks that I.am so negative about pot but come here for the
      summer and you might change yr. mind.Stick to Jack Daniels.Love and peace from
      the 70-ties and you know what that means,Willem.
      Dear Willem,

      Thank you for saying that. I was about to write my Motherly lecture on not
      smoking pot. Yes, it is addictive, more so than cigarettes and it's harder on
      your lungs. Marijuana sticks like the gunk it is. I don't like Jack Daniels,
      but if you gave me an order to take one or the other, I'd choose the Daniels
      ahead of the pot. I don't know if it's harder on the liver than alcohol, but I
      do know that drugs in general are. That includes some prescription drugs.

      FYI, I was in Amsterdam in the 70's, briefly. I skipped the "street scene"
      and came home with my passport. Beautiful city, it's a shame it's laws aren't

      Okay, I'm off my soap box.


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