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  • Pamela Venus
    Feb 2, 2004
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      Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like it's safe for Philip to use
      astragalus to boost his immune system to avoid colds/flues. When you have
      heard of people using astragalus by others with Hep C, do you know if it was
      to boost the immune system or to fight the Hep C virus (or both)? If it's
      the latter is there any info. on dosages that you're aware of? The only
      thing I found was on boiling down the raw herb to make a tea and we're
      wanting to use the standardized capsules. Thanks, Pamela

      Pamela Venus <goddesspv@...> wrote:

      Does anyone have any info. on liver safety of this

      > herb? I

      > did a limited internet search and didn't see anything that indicated

      > that it is unsafe for the liver-but wanted to get more feedback.

      > Thanks,


      I haven't heard of any negative affects of astragalus. I've heard of lots
      people with HCV taking it. C

      Astragalus would be an excellent herb to take! I am glad you wrote asking
      about this herb. I have looked it up in several books, and what I have

      found is extremely good. Here are two excerpts from my books

      'Astragalus is widely used in China to rebuild the immune system of people
      undergoing radiation or chemotherapy........ Astragalus may also protect
      bone marrow from the immune-sprressing effects of chemotherapy, radiation,

      toxins and viruses. Two separate studies conducted in China showed that

      astragalus can benefit people with heart disease. The first study revealed
      that if astragalus was taken within 36 hrs. of a heart attack, it could
      bolster the functioning of the heart's left ventricle, the chamber that
      pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. The second study examined
      whether astragalus could lessen chest pain (angina). The herb was compared
      to nifedipine, a prescription medication commonly used to treat this
      condition. The study found that astragalus produced better results than the
      drug......In addition, astragalus widens blood vessels and increases blood
      flow, which makes it useful in controlling excessive perspiration (such as
      night sweats) and lowering blood pressure.' (1 )

      'Astragalus membranaceus increases cardiac output in patients with angina
      pectoris. Astragaloside IV (one of the compounds in Astragalus) improves
      left ventricular end-diastolic volume, left ventricular end-systolic volume
      and slows heart rate in heart failure.... An ethanol extract of the root of
      Astragalus membranaceus alleviated liver injury through a reduction of
      elevated SGPT levels and subacute toxicity..... The herb stimulated
      macrophages, promotes antibody formation, and increased T lymphocyte
      proliferation.' (2)

      (1) Reader's Digest Guide to Drugs and Supplements-Vitamins Minerals &

      ISBN 0-7621-0367-1 (In case any one wants to get this book-highly


      (2) PDR for Herbal Medicines

      ISBN 1-56363-361-2 (Also highly recommended!)

      Hope you guys find this helpful-I certainly am glad I got curious and looked
      this up.


      Love & blessings,

      Pamela Venus

      Love is all there is

      Peace is all there is

      Joy is all there is

      Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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