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  • jtwagers7@aol.com
    Jan 16, 2004
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      Hi Claudine, and thanks so much for the reply. Yes, it truly IS frustrating
      to feel the exhaustion and to feel like you have to explain it to someone or
      feel guilty if you take a nap. The progression of my fatigue and exhaustion
      and inabilty to "keep up" like I used to is what ultimately caused me and
      boyfriend (of five years) to split ways. Six months after he moved out (he lived
      here with me) I was diagnosed Hep C. I got in touch with him and gave him
      the news. He tested negative -- thank GOD. With the news, he said he wanted
      us to talk about "getting back together" (him move back in), and he promised
      he would start doing his share around the house, yard, and that he would "help
      me through this", and wouldn't be ugly anymore if I didn't feel good (yadda
      yadda) To make a long story short -- I have said "no thank you". I've come
      to terms with the fact that I would rather battle this dragon alone (and
      SHOULD) than to battle it with someone who only made me feel more fatigued and
      depressed and worse. LOL! So....I guess something good HAS come from my
      diagnosis. I have become more determined to not settle for less and to keep
      those who have caused unnecessary grief before OUT of my space now. LOL!

      Even though I complain about "being scared" at the thoughts of "being alone"
      I'm actually in MUCH better straits "being alone" than someone with Hep C
      who's NOT alone yet whose spouse is not supportive. It's a difficult thing for
      both parties. Very difficult.

      Hugs to you and to all. Gotta go fill my coffee up! I slept LATE this

      PS. My fonts are HUGE this morning (this is my first email of the day). I
      don't know why they are so big, but I hope it doesn't mean that this email
      won't send.

      In a message dated 1/15/2004 11:57:34 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      claudineintexas@... writes:

      > If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard someone with HCV say
      > this or something very similar! It is indeed VERY frustrating. Even
      > my husband still has problems understanding how tired I can get so
      > fast. Why do I need so many naps? I don't LOOK sick! If I don't look
      > sick, can I REALLY be sick? Do I really need to rest, or am I just
      > being lazy???? I used to never hesitate to talk about having HCV.
      > Now, I'd rather not mention it. I am, frankly, tired of explaining it
      > to people who I figure are NEVER going to understand. Oddly enough
      > (or maybe not, who knows) I think the endocrinologist I used to see
      > for my hypothyroidism understood the effects HCV can have on a person
      > better than anyone else, including my GI doc (who I do think is an
      > excellent doctor.) On the other side of the coin, I have to be
      > careful what I say to my mother or [especially] my father. They
      > over-react to any mention of me being tired or that I took a nap! I
      > can't win, lol!

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