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  • Mscue40@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2004
      Hi Everyone,
      I want to thank Gene, Micky Willem, Carol and the Dr. for your quick replies,
      advise and well wishes.
      My boyfriend and son were here from Norway for Christmas so I tried not to
      think about it all much. The only ones I have told are you all.
      The Dr. treating me had thought I had beat the dragon too but ... he
      mentioned to me about getting on a clinical trial.
      The clinical trial director called yesterday about a trial doing the exact
      same treatment I had taken for 48 weeks Sherling-Plough peglated interferon
      alpha 2b and ribavirin on a weight based dose. If after 12 weeks I clear the
      virus I would continue for a year. If I didn't clear I would or would not continue
      on a low dose interferon for 3 years I believe is what she said. Since it is
      a study I guess some get the small dose and some don't.
      The Dr. will call back Wednesday after hearing from the clinical director
      about what trial study she found I was eligible for.
      I am confused and curious about my options.
      What treatment would a Dr. prescribe for me to take outside of the clinical
      How long will my liver last without treatment?
      How would my body take treatment again?
      How could I support myself without working on treatment?
      Which is the better alternative for my family? Put my 12 year old through
      another year of me on treatment or just let it go and continue on living a
      normal life like we are now.
      Mickey you have made it..you will feel so much better once off treatment. It
      is just around the corner.
      Gene, how is your salon business going?
      Updates on everyone will be nice to hear.
      Your Friend Donna who wishes she didn't have to make any decisions right now.

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