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13584RE: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] A warning about dental work

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  • Mary Johnson
    Dec 29, 2003
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      I didn't have to have root canals for all 3, but all 3 teeth had to be
      drilled to a stub. It took about 3 hours in the chair, with drilling going
      on for about half of that. The dentist is very good, and not many could have
      done so much so quickly. He wanted to do them at once because of the
      interferon, and not have me coming back over and over again, which increases
      risk of infection.
      Sorry to hear that you broke a tooth over Christmas; I have done that too.
      Why don't teeth ever break at a more convenient time, like just before you
      have to go out for a bad meal?
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      Hi Mary

      My goodness, do you mean you had 3 root canals and crowns done at the same
      time? It takes awhile to do one, nevermind 3. How long were you in the
      chair getting this done? I can't believe a decent dentist would do all that
      work in one shot....it's too much. I'm not on tx, but the pills I take make
      my mouth very dry which leads to tooth problems....I just broke a tooth over
      Christmas, not bad enuff to be a root canal but I need some fillings done.
      Oooops I just noticed you said 2 hours of drilling, that's a lot...too much
      to suit me. I hope your hearing comes back soon. Keep us posted and good

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