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13583Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] My latest update, and another question

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  • claudine intexas
    Dec 27, 2003
      Hi Betty,
      I have never heard of this happening before! I have no real
      ideas, but since your WBC was very low (leaving you open to
      infections) I would not rule out some other problem unrelated to the
      Neupogen, like maybe a cyst. Be sure and let us know if you find out
      what the problem is.

      Good luck,

      --- Arkhepcgal@... wrote:
      > Hi everyone.
      > Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
      > I had gotten pulled from Pegasys/Copegus a couple of weeks ago
      > because my
      > platelets and wbc had dropped so low. I finally got some numbers
      > on them so I
      > can understand what is happening a little better...and thanks to so
      > many of you
      > who wrote gave me some great advice.
      > I had a 5 day treatment of Neupogen and it shot my counts way up,
      > so I
      > started back on the Pegasys. The doc is consulting with an
      > oncologist to figure out
      > how much Neupogen I will need to take as maintainance to keep my
      > counts
      > steady.
      > Now, something has happened and the doc isn't sure what the cause
      > is, but he
      > was going to check with the oncologist to see if the Neupogen was a
      > factor. I
      > was told that I could get some 'bone' pain while on the Neupogen
      > and that for
      > once, it would be a good pain as it meant the bone marrow was
      > kicking in.
      > I started on the Neupogen on Tuesday evening. On Friday had a
      > pretty good
      > backache, and my back felt really stiff. On Monday, I noticed a
      > lump in the
      > tailbone area...about the size of a grapefruit (around) and it was
      > very sore
      > around it and very painful to touch it.
      > Since I had been diagnosed with Denergenative Disc Disease, with
      > extreme
      > sciatic nerve pain in both legs last May, and the lump is in the
      > same area the doc
      > couldn't be sure if it could be from that or the Neupogen. I hope
      > to get
      > some info Tuesday on what to do about or who to see with this lump.
      > I'm having a very difficult time sleeping because I can't lay on my
      > back
      > because of that lump, yet I need to, to get relief from the sciatic
      > pain. So, I
      > have to lay on my side, which helps my neck but makes the sciatic
      > nerve go
      > crazy. I'm currently not having a lot of pain with that lump but
      > my back is
      > still really stiff and I have to be really careful about turning
      > from my waist.
      > I'm hoping someone out there may have some ideas/suggestions about
      > this
      > lump and what I can do to get more comfortable.
      > Thanks to all of you,
      > Betty in Arkansas
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