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13546Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] British Columbia Needle-Exchange Program Includes Crack Pipes

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  • w.m.landstra
    Nov 28, 2003
      HI.Crack is the greatest curse in amsterdam,responsible of most of the petty crime,and infection with Hep.C.Many crack addicts have infections in their mouths,rotten teeth,sores on their lips etc.They share crackpipes frequently and so transmitting the virus.Only n.o.c.(non-government organisations)who.re pointing out this problem.It.s a good thing that authorities now become aware of the problem.Needle sharing is almost non-excist because of educating the addicts,this crackpipe thing is new.The government should deal very taft with the scum who deal in crack,in the US they throw you in jail for years in amsterdam after six days you walk the streets again.A shame!!.Willem.
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      Subject: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] British Columbia Needle-Exchange Program Includes Crack Pipes

      (yes it's 4am Texas time and I'm wide awake still :)

      British Columbia Needle-Exchange Program Includes Crack Pipes

      To curb the spread of hepatitis C, a needle-exchange program in Prince
      George, British Columbia, gives out clean crack pipes to addicted
      individuals, the Prince George Citizen reported June 13.

      "We're trying to keep the younger ones from getting hepatitis C," said
      Linda Keefe, program coordinator and nurse. "It's not that we're saying,
      'Hey, you should be smoking crack cocaine.' But you try to reduce harm,
      disease, and maximize contact with marginalized groups and build

      Keefe said the decision to add clean crack pipes to the needle-exchange
      program was made after healthcare workers reported an increase in hepatitis
      C cases and learned that children as young as age 12 and 13 were smoking
      crack cocaine.

      Although Keefe acknowledged that the clean needles and crack pipes are a
      "Band-Aid" remedy, she said, "We're not in a position to change social
      problems; we're dealing with the results of social realities."

      Other Canadian communities, including the Sunshine Coast, Nelson,
      Parksville, Whitehorse, and Toronto, also have crack-pipe exchanges.

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