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  • H.E.A.L
    Nov 9, 2003
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      Hi there
      Sorry to hear you lost your job, I did too.
      Its strange but my dog Kaya lost the power in her back legs and couldnt walk

      Vet gave her Rimadyl tablets (anti inflammatory) they seemed to work she is
      up and about again, I make sure she gets up and moves regular rather than
      lying about most of the time, just to keep her mobile.
      I too was a responder and am still undetectable after three years off
      Good luck hope your dog gets better soon
      take care
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      Thanks Willem for the advice.
      I just lost my job and my dogs hind legs stopped working this week. It seems

      like everything happens at once sometimes. I have to get him to a
      which will be very expensive but I have no choice, dogs are like children to

      me and I have to know I am doing everything I can even if I end up living
      a bridge in the process hahaha. But I do feel lucky to be a responder so far

      so I am trying to only focus on that good news at this time and look at the
      other stuff as life and its ups and downs.

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