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13439Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Insomnia

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  • w.m.landstra
    Nov 8, 2003
      HI.Very much sounds my Doctor.Hew told me that it.s addictive and bad for your liver.I don.t agree because the insomnia is bad for everything.Try valerian in combibation with a glass of luke-warm port,a mild shower and have a low temperature in your bedroom but most important of all is to relax,if you do hve a partner let him give you a massage and I.am not being funny this time.There.re techniques to massage the head and so indulging relaxiation and sleep.If you hve a change take naps in the afternoons.Anyway you lucky girl being a responder now and another two months you join the club of sustained responder,absolutely sure.courage,willem.
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      I am expereincing insomnia too, real bad. My doctor does not seem to want to
      prescribe anything for it and says to take Benadryl. I take two 25mg of
      Benadryl but that isnt working anymore. It definitely adds to the exhaustion level
      that you already have on treatment. Anyone know why he might be hesitant? I
      checked out as non detectable at month 3 and have 2 monthe of treatment left. I
      was grade 2 fibrosis so stil in a safe zone there. Has anyone tried anything
      over the counter that works for them ?

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