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13434Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Insomnia

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  • w.m.landstra
    Nov 7, 2003
      HI.A slashhamer is a rather heavy hamer ,you can slash with it.Glad you hve excepted my excuse.After stopping treatment I.am still very speedy.I don.t know the cause,mabye my liver is function again at pre-Hep-level or it.s the the treatment which changed something in my nerve-whatever-system.After TX the energy came back,not bouncing but very gradually.I bought a racing bike and a racing outfit.Last sunday I went to see my brother who lives 20 mls away,when I arrived,mind you I.am not a youngster,I must hve looked silly in that outfit,tight rainbow coloured panti,a racing helmet,sneaky shoes,and wearing armani-sunglasses.My brother had doubts about me and afterwards brought me back in his van,he considered it irresponsible going back another 20mls in the dark,I protested but in reality I was happy he did so.Anyway biking is lovely and I suppose in Texas it must be a feast,flat,no crowded roads and sunshine.Willem.
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      From: claudine intexas
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      --- "w.m.landstra" <lands142@...> wrote:

      > A year after I stopped
      > I sleep normal again,the brainfog is still there hence my sometimes
      > weird emails.Willem.

      I see! So THAT'S the excuse you are claiming???!!

      PS: What's a 'slashhamer'? :)
      <<your buddy use a slashhamer>>

      (You know we really love your weird emails)

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