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13312RE: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] vitamins etc.

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  • Greg L Newman
    Oct 9, 2003
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      Willem, It depends on the quality of vitamins, minerals, aminos, hgh, C, etc and what amount your body needs so it can benefit from them. Too much of many things is not good, whether supplements or not, imo. But supplements are a way to cut to the chase and make the body work less to get it's nutrition. Sort of like the Total commercial where you have to eat 10 bowls of their competitor's brand to get the same amount of vitamins & minerals in 1 bowl of total. So this is similar in that I can take vitamin e through a regular diet say rich in wheat germ, you have to eat a lot of wheatgerm to get that much E.

      So does that mean the body turns lazy? No, I don't think so. It does two things: 1. It conserves energy by including a higher percentage of easily digestible supplements than regular food and so with less work to get the nutrients out of the source, the body spends less energy, so can perform better with less drag on the system. 2. It also means the body, spending less energy on digestion, has more time & energy for body maintenance & repairs. That makes a big difference over a lifetime.

      Of course, you need to always be careful about supplements and be sure of your research but it's about efficiency of health, these supplements.


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