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13140RE: New Update (Cher)

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  • C.J.
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Hi~~~Well, I got my latest Quantisure Plus test back and guess what!!
      It states NEGATIVE!! 10 (ten)
      The head nurse called the hepatologist and told him about my case
      and he thought that the 90 was very very unusual, BUT, did say that
      if the next test came back again the same or higher to go ahead and
      re-treat with Pegasys. After that phone call, the results came in and
      it stated NEGATIVE 10. The nurse then called the lab to see what they
      had to say and they also agreed that something wasn't right with that
      last test stating 90. They are inclined to belive that something went
      wrong somewhere, computer error,lab, or something and left word for
      me to come back in 4 weeks for another test free of charge!
      So, just wondering what you all think of this? Right now, I'm
      going with that it was a mistake of some sort and I really am
      negative, but would like some opinions.
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