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12991RE: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Sure is quiet... Breaking the silence

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  • Greg L Newman
    Jul 1 1:04 PM
      Well, it's another nutty day in Texas. Heat wave has the nuts out in force.

      So I'm at Home Depot and the black man at the counter is taken care of and I roll forward in my wheelchair. Then a car pulls up outside the entrance, motor running, lady waiting in driver's seat, a guy comes in from that car and steps in front of me, puts down a bill and hands her $10. I'm wondering what is going on and the clerk processes everything for the guy and he never says a word. (So I did and plenty. Heck, I followed him outside and poked him a bunch. He was too ignorant to know that's an assault in Texas. He sure didn't like though. Poke poke poke poke. I'm tired of being a victim. I told ya'll I was starting to be more aggressive and fighting back. Then I cuss him out real good as he gets in the car and warn him if he ever sees me anywhere else, he better never ever cut in front of me again. Wrote down his license so I can track him and who they are, and then went back inside.

      15 minutes later, some poor old soul (my late uncle's typical response) about 50 or 55, bald headed, stringy hair, raggy clothes, thin thin thin shoulders, wide wide wide buttocks, about 5' 1" maybe 5' 2" walks past me with his 20 something son and says while passing me andlooking in my direction, probably a queer. Oh man, ...
      Guess who I stalked through Home Depot? I swear to you all here and now, this month I buy a zapper. I promise not to zap anybody until prob later this fall as I have too many important things to do to sit in jail for zapping some mean people :). I'll just threaten them to show respect. I KNEW I should have worn my black leather biker jacket into the store. I just KNEW it. But NO. I was TOO smart. Greg, it's hot out here. Leave the biker jacket in the car, carry your wallet under your seat in the chair. Ok. I do. And then what. People start with the bs treating me like a 2nd class citizen. I had enuf. Period. I'm 49. They can go to hell. I'm going to start zapping and fighting back. I need to let people see what I have to offer (venom). "What was that? zap zap Hmm?" Like I said, the biker jacket really makes people leave me the heck alone. But I go out, I am here before that playing country and blues and acoustic rock all morning just having a blast, I go out on that note to check on
      some housewares, and I'm singing in the aisles almost I am so content. I'm cool. I'm not in anybody's way. I'm not making weird noises. I'm not squinting or leering or going through convulsions. I'm not looking at a soul. I'm looking and handling some bi-fold doors for the kitchen entrance. And that's when the dad called me a queer. (I know it was a dad, possibly an uncle, from the family resemblance. Same build, same butt, shoulders, nose, slant of the forehead and same bizarro hair.

      Now folks, I find these people out there more and more and more. I really want to deal with them in a proper manner, but without wearing a suit and tie, it's about impossible (except for the black leather jacket, which works like a nice suit for commanding respect). Somebody? Anybody? What the hell is wrong with the world?

      Somebody said there is less oxygen in the atmosphere now than 20 or 30 years ago and that's the problem. People just can't think straight. It's getting very very difficult to deal with these people because they just are so socially dysfunctional. Whatever. I figure I have to make myself look like less of a victim, the way girls and women do. I'm going to have to study some of their techniques for dealing with people to avoid being victimized.

      And I do forgive an awful lot of this. I only followed the old raggedy mean man through about 4 aisles down (60-70 feet).

      I'm going to have to project a more "back off" image, I guess. Nice isn't working. I'm thinking to buy some of those wrist bands with the spikes. !! T-shirts like: Beware Dog: I bite, scratch, claw, cut, slash, blast and shoot. I don't know. Then I guess I can rip my main shirt open like superman and show them what it says? Nah, can't rip a shirt open. Have to go around like that in a t-shirt with the words. Maybe I'll try "Back Off" on the wheelchair back. I don't like that. I can see the dates dwindling by the minute. I was attempting humor, thinking of those big rigs with their "back off" signs on the back of the trailers.

      Time to go.

      Yes, Doc, if you are thinking a lot of this is self-inflicted, I agree. I am just venting. Probably I will buy the zapper though. And the spikes just so people are aware I WAS one tough cookie, so why bother with me, I might still be. If I wear a zapper openly, then that's going to get me some respect (practical respect at the checkouts here and there or in the aisles.) Otherwise, I'm thinking to hire a girl to go around with me. I like that idea the best. Nobody bothers me much when I have a nice girl/woman with me. I can't seem to remember any times. And I like women, that's for sure. Then when those two losers made their comments, I could have laughed it off with my babe friend/secretary/girl Friday right there back in their face. I guess I just live with a lot of disrespect.

      Sorry to vent to all you sweet people. Just keep a nice thought for me. I always been good, but I'm supposed to have this 150 IQ, so I'm thinking real hard about how to SNAP a big change with how these public humiliations happen to me. I really am going to buy the zapper. That's necessary anyway. How I use it is the deal. The issue. A good t-shirt message seems a must-have also.

      Well, later all,


      short and sweet (but thinking the world needs a good throttling)

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