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12311Re: post treatment blues

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  • Mark Middle Mountain
    Feb 16, 2003
      If the headaches are because of built up toxins, adding more chemicals may
      or may not help. I would suggest that whether or not you take the suggested
      treatment, you do something every day that causes you to sweat.

      I had a friend who had persistent headaches, nondiagnosable, who lived a
      very sedentary life. he started walking a couple of miles a day, and they
      cleared up.

      One effect of excercise is sweating. The skin is the body's largest pathway
      for shedding toxins. We dump them in urine, feces, and sweat. If you are
      not sweating regularly, the buildup can cause headaches.

      You can sweat thru excercise, herbs like cayenne and peppermint, hot
      baths, saunas, it really doesn't matter, but you should sweat everyday,
      profusely at least a few times a week.

      I make no guarantuees it will help your particular case, but other than the
      cold sweat of terror, there is no type of way of inducing sweating that is
      bad for you. Unless of course you are a total couch potato, don't go run
      five miles the first day and all that. Even in the terror, the sweating is
      good, jsut probably the stress will off set the benefit :-)
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