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  • Carol
    Dec 22, 2002
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      Hi Cher....congratulations on your tests so far....looks like you beat the dragon. As far as getting disability....I don't know how hard it is in the USA but it's really hard to get in Canada....at least in BC. I know it is harder here to get it based on depression unless you are regularly seeing a shrink and he will fill out papers attesting to the fact that you can't work....but it could be easier to get it where you are. I don't think the fact that you're on Methadone should hurt your chances, I'd think it would help....but that's only my opinion. Hopefully they won't take into consideration that treatment was a success. I really hope you get disability, let us know how it goes ok? I'm having a tuff time since BC re-wrote the definition of disability....you gotta be in wheelchair practically.....there is a lesser level of disability that I qualify for....but much less money of course....I will be interested in seeing how it goes with you. Good luck.

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      Hey, there are ways to combat the joint pain.. had it bad... Take MSM now and whenever i run out ... i am reminded how bad it can be.. but with th MSM supplement ..doing much better.



      Has anyone gotten disability on the grounds of
      depression? I am
      filing on the grounds of depression, cirrochiss,
      and perhaps joint
      pain. Also, I am one that has been in recovery
      for over 2 years in a
      methdone mmt program--have been clean all that
      time. I am mainly
      there now for the purpose of pain control due to
      the severe joint
      pain. Also, I would like to know what the test is
      called if there is
      one for (I can't spell the word) but it is
      associated with hep and it
      is a word starting with a C-very long word. Does
      anyone know what I
      am talking about? Also, I was wondering since all
      the drs, including
      my gastro and psch knew that I was on MMT and it
      will of course be in
      my records, if the methadone will hurt me or
      hinder me in regards of
      my disability. Do they look @ addiction as a
      disease fitting any
      critereia for benifits. If anyone has any
      answeres to the above
      questions or any experience with it any of it,
      any comments welcome.

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