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11902My Gift for Christams and New Year: Hope

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  • Doc
    Dec 22, 2002
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      Hope is one of the greatest things that any one can "own".
      If you have hope you are already half way home
      Hope gives us a reason to hang on when it seems like nothing is right.
      The ability to hope can and will get us through the night.
      Tomorrow is another and if the answer doesn't ,lie there...
      You can always hope until all things become clear.
      It's kind of taken for granted, but hope is so real, so close to our
      Hope can give us faith and lets us have a brand new start.
      Don't ever dismiss this emotion swimming through our souls.
      Hope is like our own ocean..taking us where we want to go.

      Everyone , have a great Christmas and New Year.

      Dr Sharat Misra MD,DM,FACG