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  • willem landstra
    Dec 10, 2002
      HI.This is an open invitiation to tell some of the christmas traditions in my country,especcially one in Amsterdam.Christmas is much the same as in the US,lots of food,christmastrees,family togetherness and thinking and praying for peace which is totally forgotten when christmas is over.I.am alone and a agnostic but there is one ritual three days before christmas which warms my hart and gives me a feeling of not being alone.I share it with you.This ritual dates back to the 14th century in Amsterdam.The black-plague was raging in Amsterdam.They burnt the dead people hoping to stop the plague of spreading,they should hve burnt the rats but at that time they did.nt know that.There was a dying man and the priest gave him a hosti,last rites.When they burnt his body the hosti would.nt burn.This peace of bread,representing the body of christ was the only remains amongst the ashes.People thougt this to be a miracle and ever since that day at midnight people gather in front of his house,it is still there,with candles and in complete silence walk around the center of Amsterdam,through the Red-light district,along the Coffeeshops,the junkies ,the rich and the poor.In complete silence.And the bystanders who are watching this become silent too.The center of Amsterdam which all it.s vices becomes holy,almost magical.Even the music in the bars stop when this procession passes by.It ends two hrs lately again where it began.This will be my Christmas and the warmth which it gives me will last for another year.Merry Christmas everyone.William.
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      Hi Everyone, I am beginning to get in the Christmas spirit now. For Christmas
      I am going to give myself a present of not smoking anymore. I am going to use
      Nicorette. Are there any contradictions with the pegintron. I also wanted to
      ask the girl who has melanoma it says 6 months treatment to cure this?
      Antibiotics didn't solve my clogged eye gland, gross. So I will have it
      lanced tomorrow. yeah, Now I will be a one eyed interferon lunatic walking
      around for a day or two. My gosh I have banged my head, knees arms so many
      times on treatment, that I don't even stop to rub my boo boos any more. Such
      a Klutz I have become.
      I think it would be nice to share one of our special Christmas traditions. I
      know William must have a good one!
      I make homemade eggnog as my 2 sons and I decorate the tree. America thrives
      on diversity, so I imagine we all have very different little customs that are
      dear to our hearts. Please share with all of us.
      Love From Donna week 30! Wow this treatment is quite a trip. One I would do
      again to get the same results!
      I also have a special thanks to you all who reply, encourage, and commiserate
      with me.
      Peace on earth and may we have good will towards man.

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