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11799Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] A very Happy Thanksgiving to us all ( a little late)

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  • willem landstra
    Dec 1, 2002
      HI.Glad to know you.re doing fine.Brainfog clearing,that.s good because of all the side-effects brainfog is the worse(for me).After you finish tx that bl..... brainfog will disappeare completely!.When I was on tx I would put a letter which I hve to post in my pocket but completely forgot to put it in the mailbox,I had to make notes etc.(claudine told me to do that).Waiting for the result of treatment is agonizing,subconsiously it.s affecting you even when you try to put it on halt.But think positive,you.re responding the way you should be responding,half the battle is won and complete victory is not far away!!!.By the way it.s afwfully quiet on the western front....meaning the group.William.
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      Subject: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] A very Happy Thanksgiving to us all ( a little late)

      Hi Everyone, I am at week 29 and feeling the best I ever have. Maybe I am at
      the time where they say the symptoms become lesser. My mind seems to be much
      clearer. My memory is better. I think it may be a combination of knowing the
      medicine is working so it is both mental and physical. I think there is
      underlying stress during this whole treatment time, and like with William
      waiting for the results afterwards.
      All my best wish's for everyone on treatment!
      Gene let us know right away what your results are. I think it will be great
      Your Fellow Hepper Donna,
      Who thinks only those who have been on treatment can understand how it feels.

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