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  • Mark Middle Mountain
    Nov 4, 2002
      Here is a cheap place to get bulk msm and ester C. this guy recommends
      building up to quite high doses, slowly, of MSM for a while, then cutting
      back to a maintenance dose of 4-8 grams daily. Talks about detoxing
      symptoms when building up the doseage, that is why to build up slow and
      take the vit C along with it.

      Going thru the message board on the site. I see references that taking MSM
      will give elevated readings of liver enzymes, what he refers to as false
      positives, and he recommends stopping taking MSM for 3 days before a liver
      enzyme test. That is not scary enough to make me stop taking the MSM, I
      always have elevated enzymes anyway, and the MSM helps with the joint pain
      and energy levels, but something to be aware of.


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