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11706Vaccine may save livers of hepatitis C victims

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  • Patricia Jean
    Nov 2, 2002
      I dont' see how this can be called a vaccine if it's given after the virus not before?
      Vaccine may save livers of hepatitis C victims

      And their info on hep c seems outdated. They "think" viral load "may" not indicate condition of the liver?

      I was surprised to read ""The typical patient is a woman 60 years old who 25 years ago got infected with a blood transfusion following a Caesarean or some other operation," says Frank Hulstaert, head of clinical research at Innogenetics. "
      Not in America and not most of the people I talk to in chatrooms, course, that could be a statistical skew, maybe most 60yr olds don't have computers or go to support groups.

      Article said "Liver biopsies taken before and after the treatment showed that the vaccine prevented liver scarring and inflammation from getting worse in most patients."

      I don't think a few months between biopsies is gonna reveal much change anyway so how could they tell?

      Anyway thot yall might find this interesting.


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