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11538RE: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Update and question.

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  • Debra
    Sep 30, 2002
      I would really like more info on iron also... I have very low iron...always
      have.. I am below the norm at 30 with the normal range at 40-160. The nurse
      said I should take iron supplements, but I am worried that it would be bad
      for my hepc... I have no hepc symptoms and the low iron doesn't bother me as
      far as being tired or weak.. so why should I take it? Wouldn't just eating
      iron rich foods be good enough?


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      Hi-I haven't been around for awhile. I am still under treatment--10
      months 2 more months to go. Dr. recommended I stay on for the full
      year which is what I wanted because of the cirochiss, hoping that
      maybe it wd begin to help that--maybe. I hear it does in some cases.
      Anyway, I am undetectable. Do my chances increase of relapse because
      of cirochiss???? Also, I was a big part of getting a support group
      started and some questions came up that I am to find the answers for.
      Could someone tell me or explain why Iron is so bad for us. I know
      that hepatitis thrives in iron and our bodies have so much in it and
      that is y we shouldn't take vitamins with iron, but I need to explain
      this @ the next group what is the relationship of iron and hepatitis
      in our bodies. Could someone please help me with this. Thank you
      cher P.S. Also, is B12 okay for us to take?

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