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11360Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] I'm back!

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  • Mscue40@aol.com
    Sep 4, 2002
      Welcome back!
      I am sorry to hear about Connie.
      Week 15 of treatment. I am feeling less confused. My blood work came back the
      best it has ever been.
      I gave them all my blood for the viral load,hepatic panel, and cbc. Hopefully
      it will be lower.
      My boyfriend in Norway went to give Blood. He filled out the questionnaire.
      Because he said he will be with someone with hep c. even using condoms. They
      will never let him donate blood. They didn't even take it then. Yikes. It
      would take 3 months to get the blood tests back anyway. So much for
      socialized medicine. I am going to see if my Dr. will order a blood test. My
      Dr. wants to be sure he is safe. It made me feel good my Dr. is concerned
      about me.
      What a beautiful September day.

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