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  • runabout_104
    Aug 24, 2002
      I hv a question regarding a person I hv not met yet, but hs hep C and
      I was asked to talk to him in regards to hepatitis since I had been
      on treatment, he hd no where to turn or no one to ask questions of.
      Anyway, the only info I hv @ the moment is that the dr. he is seeing
      right now won't treat him because he hs cirochiss. I too, hv
      cirrochis. Can someone give me some info regarding y he won't be
      treated or direct me to some sites for info. Could it be he hs found
      a dr that is from the "old school" and thinks cirochiss is "the
      end".The dr that ws treating me made the remark that he recommended
      treatment, at least I wd be doing something towards it. What kind of
      statement is that anyway??? I just don't get it. Anyay, any info that
      u can give me to help this guy or sites u can direct me to that I can
      get some info that this guy can take to his dr, I wd appreciate it,
      if anyone hs time. Thanks
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