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  • claudine intexas
    Jul 3, 2002
      Yes, University Hospital in San Antonio is a federally and locally
      funded teaching hospital, they have an excellent ER, and yes, they
      treat illegal aliens with no money or insurance every day. They MUST
      treat anyone, reguardless of income or where you live. However, if
      you live within Bexar County there are more health care options and
      more flexibility with payment, and you can be eligible for care of
      non-emergency things. You can be seen at clinics, make appointments
      with doctors within the county health care system, etc., at no or low
      cost, depending on your financial circumstances. If you don't live
      within the county you can get basically the same care, but must have
      money in hand when you show up for an appointment or test! Only the
      ER is required to see anyone who shows up there, money or not.
      --- Carol <csean@...> wrote:
      > Hey Claudine....I remember now watching a show called "trauma, life
      > and
      > death in the ER" I don't know if you get it or not....every week
      > they
      > spend an hour showing real life situations in the ER. And now I
      > remember that they showed the hospital in San Antonio....and YES,
      > they
      > do treat anyone who hasn't got medical insurance. They were
      > treating a
      > mexican who snuck across the border, only to be hit by a train. I
      > do
      > remember them saying that they can't turn anyone down with no
      > insurance
      > for any valid medical condition.

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