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10759Re: [GIWorld-Hepatitis] Decision

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  • claudine intexas
    Jul 2, 2002
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      --- Constance Dickson <constance_clearwater_florida@...> wrote:
      > Me too :-). How far is Corpus Christi my Dads brother
      > lives there?

      It's a long way from Dallas, but only a couple of hours from San
      Antonio. And the cost of living is pretty cheap in SA, and a fairly
      good public health system. Also, a large teaching hospital with one
      of the top ER's in the country. I don't live in SA, just south of
      there and in a different county (you need to live in Bexar county to
      get those medical benefits) but you could stay with me until you get
      settled. And, in an emergency, they still can't turn you away, no
      matter where you live. Also, I think to qualify for Medicaid here the
      income level is about 1600 per month - at least that is what they
      told my grandmother who is on medicare. I don't know if her age
      changes the income qualification, or if they were only talking about
      qualifying for Medicaid-paid nursing home care. And you can't have
      more than $2000.00 cash or a vehicle worth more than (I think)
      $4000.00. You really DO need to go somewhere else where you can get
      the health care you need. Try not to let your kids upset you too
      much. It is their age - they can't see much beyond themselves. They
      ARE old enough to be on their own though, so if they are living with
      you and aren't pitching in and helping it may be time to urge them
      out of the nest. In the mean time, I think you need to go back to the
      ER and demand proper treatment. Most all hospital receive some
      Federal money, meaning they MUST except emergencies including from
      those who can't pay. Not to mention the ethics involved. Peritonitis
      is a medical emergency. Maybe a call to a local TV station informing
      them that emergencies are being turned away and sent home would help?
      Good luck - and I do have a spare room since my step-son moved out!

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