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  • Carol
    Jul 1, 2002
      Hi Cher....I agree with Donna about the anti-depressants....get the
      dosage upped. I know how easy it is to get super-stressed and depressed
      when on treatment or even when not on treatment.

      I don't have any suggestions about your methadone group....except that
      you're doing a great service and should be very proud of yourself! I
      guess the main thing is to try and get them all to test for HCV and see
      how it goes from there. Best of luck to you!!


      Mscue40@... wrote:

      > Hi Cheri, There are a million and one different antidepressants.
      > Yours is
      > clearly not working. You should contact your Dr.
      > I was taking 100 mg. of Zooloft and upped it to 150. mg. that helped
      > tremendously. If that stops working I will get something else.
      > Depression is
      > a bad illness. Best to nip it in the bud right away! my DR explained 2
      > theories of how treatment effects the seratonin in the brain. Spell
      > check
      > please?
      > The best book I ever got was called Hepatitis C a survivors guide. it
      > is
      > very clear on nutrition for all level liver diseases. I would highly
      > recommend you find this book. It is very well written, easy to read,
      > informative.
      > I hope I have helped in someway.
      > keep up your spirit.
      > You are doing great things with getting your support group together.
      > You are
      > giving of yourself, which is one of the most wonderful things one can
      > do.
      > Helping others. Keep up the good work.
      > Donna from Cincinnati
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