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  • Tatezi
    Jun 2, 2002

      As I've been hearing what our press has been reporting on the situation
      between India and Pakistan, I've been thinking about how all this is
      affecting you. I certainly don't believe we are getting the whole story
      here in the states because our freedom of speech only applies to the
      government any more...actually all our freedoms are being chipping away
      in the name of protecting us from this invisible enemy the
      administration is promoting and soon we will have a tyranny here in the
      US controlled by the oil interests.

      But I wanted to know how things are with you and where you are.
      Ofcourse, if India and Pakistan start tossing nuclear bombs at one
      another, we will all be affected because once in the air, it doesn't
      just stay where the bombs are dropped...and the damage it would do to
      the environment and ozone layer are too large to comprehend.

      Hope all is well with you....and that some rational heads start thinking
      and negotiating before either country uses their nuclear bombs. Our news
      said that Pakistan has 24 and India has 36...and that's enough nuclear
      power to destroy our Mother Earth as we know it. (Whatever happend to
      the "Something" Pact that prohibited having nuclear bombs?)

      Anyway, drop us a line and let us know that you are okay.


      "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live." ~Irish
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