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  • Curlykew
    May 18, 2002
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      I think that brain fog has a lot to do with ammonia build up in the brain.. and trying to remember what causes that.. think maybe too much red meat.. i used to study and research a lot about hep c..but i have the brain fog.. cant concentrate so much .. so i am not sure but know it is ammonia in the brain... I used to work for a big finance company but the brain fog really messed me up .. too much pressure and stress.. now i make 1/3 the income and hus left me in middle of treatment .. so my income level went down but, you know what, that didnt bother me so much. Hep C has made me look at life differently... i try to avoid stress .. in my situation that means .. dont worry .. LOL.. hard at times but i concentrate on the good in my life now .. and hus leaving was probably a good thing... now thinking of going back to teaching but scared.. as is a big responsibility to the kids.. but was love of my life at one time .. to teach.. did it for 10 years.. oh well .. we shall see what God has in store for me.. am applying for a fellowship to get a certificate to teach deaf education.. what i always wanted.. i do still have the hep c and cirrhosis but is like the report said.. the combo treatment may not have cleared me but it really improved things for me .. even tho i have cirrhosis.. doc hasnt pushed the new treatment as i am doing ok for now and treatment can almost make it so i can not work... i have a good job .. not high pay but good insurance and flexible schedule that helps when i am sick... well enuf bout me.. i just wanted to say .. that brain fog can be lessened by eating habits i believe... now if i can get back to good ones again.. LOL.. was easier when treatment inhibited my appetite.. started bicycling and is doing me wonders too.. well i dont contribute often but do read most all postings and this is .. like someone said .. an ACTIVE group



      My message to you: Don't worry, be happy!!
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