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EV news of the day.

- Volvo Can’t Make Up Its Mind, Says It Might Launch Fuel Cell Vehicle In 10 Years Or So - CES 2018 – Roundup Of Electric Car Tech – Video - Check Out
Angelo Festa
1:41 PM

Better late than never EV news.

- On Autopilot No Excuse For Driving Tesla At 2X Legal Alcohol Limit, Driver Arrested For DUI - Volkswagen Trademarks I.D. Freeler And I.D. Cruiser - Nissan
Angelo Festa
Jan 20

EV Webinar

Tell your friends and acquaintances who don't yet drive electric cars to sign up for the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association and California Interfaith
    Dale W. Miller
    Jan 20
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    Fw: Model 3 Mania / Custom Tesla Wheels

    On Friday, January 19, 2018 4:07 PM, Angelo Festa wrote: On Friday, January 19, 2018 9:13 AM, evannex.com wrote: @media
    Angelo Festa
    Jan 19

    Fwd: Don't Let Marin Prohibit Ebikes On Fire Roads

    ... Begin forwarded message: From: "The New Wheel" < info@... > Subject: Don't Let Marin Prohibit Ebikes On Fire Roads Date: January 17, 2018 at
    Geller Marc
    Jan 17

    more EV news

    Inside EVs #yiv2973426895 h1 a:hover {background-color:#888;color:#fff important;} #yiv2973426895 div#yiv2973426895emailbody table#yiv2973426895itemcontentlist
    Angelo Festa
    Jan 14

    At long last, some EV news............

    - Battery Suppliers Can’t Keep Up With Outrageous Demand For Porsche Panamera Plug-In Hybrid - Formula E Team Radio Messages From Hong Kong Are X-Rated At
    Angelo Festa
    Jan 14

    Re: January GGEVA Meeting - Different Location

    This was a very good and informative visit. Thanks. Bruce On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 9:30 PM, 'Dale W. Miller' dalewmiller@...
    Bruce Wolfe
    Jan 11

    Fwd: Drive to Reduce Emissions - EV Webinar

    There are multiple benefits of electric vehicles: ditching oil, cleaning the air, spending less to maintain your vehicle, enjoying a far better driving
    Dale W. Miller
    Jan 11

    Leaf All Weather Floor Mats

    Hi, We just replaced our Leaf with a Bolt and have the Nissan all weather floors mats for the leaf for sale. They go for $125 on Amazon (I think we paid more
      Mark Albers
      Jan 5
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      Re: Siemens EVSE

      Thank you for the responses to the question on the Siemens Charging station. A homeowner was questioning whether an electrician had installed the unit
      Dale W. Miller
      Jan 5

      Assemblyman Ting Petition to EVs in CA by 2040

      Jason Jungreis
      Jan 4

      Re: Siemens EVSE

      A key safety factor is to assure that the EVSE is rated AND programmed for the correct current level. This level must match or be less than the actual wiring
      Jan 4

      Re: Siemens EVSE

      An EVSE is like any electrical device. You need a plug from the device and a receptical to place it. People confuse plug and receptical. When you get a
      Lawrence Rhodes
      Jan 4

      Up to he minute EV news.

      - Tesla Model 3 Sets New Cannonball Run Record With InsideEVs On Board – Video - Subaru Chief Designer Says Automakers First EV Will Be Based Off Existing
      Angelo Festa
      Jan 3
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