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1Awesome Websites for Homeschoolers

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  • ayanaedgar
    Jun 4, 2011
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      Hi everyone,

      I have a couple of websites that I love for working with my kids. The internet can really make homeschooling a lot easier. Here are three that I like.

      Busuu.com - learn lots of foreign languages for free. We always wanted Rosetta Stone but then I found Busuu and we don't need it. We also use Biblegateway.com to listen to bible verses in Spanish.

      Headoftheclass.com - free site that goes through 5th grade and covers lots of subjects. Kids can log on and do assignments that parents have chosen for them to do.

      Khanacademy.com-I just found this one. It looks like k-college classes. Free online tutorial. Lots of subjects. I'm excited about this one.

      Hubbardscupboard.com-this one is great for prereaders. They have small printable books for free. This one worked so well for me.

      starfall.com - also great for early elementary school kids. Its got music, reading, and other things. My kids loved it.
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