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RMetS Amateur Conference.

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  • wonker3_2000
    Dear All We are pleased to announce the _Royal Meteorological Society’s 2nd Amateur Conference_
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2013
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      Dear All
      We are pleased to announce the _Royal Meteorological Society’s 2nd Amateur
      (https://www.rmets.org/events/royal-meteorological-societys-2nd-amateur-conference) Registration is now open. You can register _on-line_
      mation) or download the _registration form_
      (http://www.rmets.org/sites/default/files/pdf/amateur_2013_registration.pdf) and send this to the
      Society. A 10% discount has been applied to these prices for registration before
      the 30 May 2013 so register now to take advantage of these lower costs!
      The Conference will be held on the weekend of 13 to 15 September 2013 at
      the University of Reading. The Conference aims to look at how the weather
      impacts our lives – from weather observing and photography, to sharing our
      passion of meteorology with others. It is planned that the programme will
      include keynote contributions from both professional and amateurs.
      The European Meteorological Society (EMS), Royal Meteorological Society
      (RMetS), Climatological Observers Link (COL), The Cloud Appreciation Society,
      Weather Arts and Music (WAM) and TORRO are among the groups that are
      supporting the conference. The conference is open to all with an interest in the
      weather and climate, including observing and photographing the weather.
      The conference immediately follows the 13th Annual Meeting of the European
      Meteorological Society (EMS) and the 11th European Conference on Applications
      of Meteorology (ECAM) also being held at the University of Reading.
      There will be several keynote talks and the draft programme is available
      on our website. The conference will also include a visit to a weather
      station, poster sessions, exhibition and a conference dinner.

      Further information is available on our website
      Register NOW!

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