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Meteor M2 - Interesting/Unusual Interference

Only present here for about 1 second near the end of my mid-morning pass, orbit 7181, approx 11:04 UTC. Have a look at the constellation!
Barry Smith
3:23 PM

Re: NOAA 16.

Thanks for the info Douglas. So it's farewell then, NOAA-16 - it was nice knowing you. Pity about the mess. Robert Telephone and fax: 44 (0) 1352 714456
Moore, Robert
Nov 25

NOAA 16.

It appears that NOAA 16 (de-commissioned June 2014) may have suffered an in-orbit break-up. Please see :-
Douglas Deans
Nov 25

Software support - reminder

A brief reminder as some of you may not follow the SatSignal Yahoo group. My MSG Toolset Plus software has been upgraded to keep pace with the new data from
David J Taylor
Nov 24

Meteor M1 image from India

Today's Meteor M1 image captured at 3:23Hrs UTC. Image showing western coast of India. Link .
Nov 20

Lake Effect Snow bands starting - M2

Captured a nice image of Lake effect Snow Bands getting ready to form off the Great Lakes. Should be a nice event developing over the weekend.
Nov 20

Re: Meteor M1 pass this morning

Great one! Visable early morning shadows from the low sun. You really covered the south well! Jeff K2SDR Sent from my iPad
Nov 17

Meteor M1 pass this morning

For the first since getting my M1 settings correct I had a near overhead pass (84 degrees max el). I also tried Vince's suggestion of changing the process
Nov 17

Eumetcast PID 8192

Sorry about posting this here as I am not a member of other groups. I cannot get the TBS IP application to run with Windows 10 so have installed BDataEx which
Nov 17

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

It seems to vary from computer to computer. NONE of my computers will run SDR# in realtime mode and it takes down a lot of other stuff with it. Others can't
Nov 16

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

Really! I took your advice and tried this (changing 256 for 128) and the system stopped working. Orbitron produced the message "DDE Conversation with driver is
Nov 16

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

In message "Jim Scheffler Jim1764@... [GEO-Subscribers]" ... Just checked mine and it's set to 256
Barry Smith
Nov 15

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

From: mailto:GEO-Subscribers@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2015 9:32 PM To: GEO-Subscribers@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [GEO-Subscribers] Re:
Douglas Deans
Nov 15

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

Thanks For the reply Les. I'm using SDR# version1337 and QPSK plugin version 1.5 I've changed the sampling rate from 1400k to 900k which worked fine with the
Jim Scheffler
Nov 15

Re: SDR# QPSK plugin Meteor N2 reception problem

Thanks for the reply Vince. I checked my SDR# config file and the processPriority value was 256. I changed it to 128. I also changed the sample rate from 1400k
Jim Scheffler
Nov 15
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