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Split Your Tax Bill This Year!

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  • Mark Reiff
    FYI, ... Mark Reiff
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2007
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      : We have a situation of the "County Government versus the people"
      : instead of the "County Government serving the people."

      : Galveston Friends of Business, Inc. invites all Galveston County
      : Taxpayers to attend the County Commissioner's Meeting on Wednesday,
      : August 8, 2007, at 9:30 A.M. at the Holbrook Building, Conference
      : Room, 606 Tremont St., in Galveston.

      : If you want to be able to split your property tax bill into 2
      : installments this year, please come and let the Commissioner's
      : Court know; otherwise, you will once again lose your right to have
      : this option.

      : State Law was passed in 2007 to give us back this option but the
      : County Commissioner's Court can and will take it away from us this
      : Wednesday if you do not come and protect your rights you have
      : earned and deserve.

      : Remember, you are a taxpayer that voted for 4 County Commissioners
      : and 1 County Judge to protect our well being and enabling them to
      : earn more than $100,000 plus (which includes health benefits,
      : retirement, perks, travel, meals, gas, & etc.... expenses) in
      : income for a County part-time job while legally keeping their full-
      : time job and having the opportunity to serve on boards that pay
      : them as well. They also will be voting this year to increase
      : their pay to compensate themselves for the future increase in cost
      : of living expenses.

      : All of this is fine with me, as long as they remember who they work
      : for and who gave them all the benefits listed above--the taxpayers!

      : Also remember, before they voted in 2003 to take our right to
      : decide if we wanted to split our property tax bill, they were
      : collecting the first installment in November and started earning
      : interest on our money earlier. As it stands now, they don't start
      : to earn interest on our tax payments until after January 31st--two
      : (2) months later.

      : Besides, interest earned on taxpayers' money should not be used to
      : hurt us or as a BUDGET TOOL--we, the taxpayers, should be earning
      : the interest on our own money that we worked so hard to earn.

      : We voted for these County Commissioners and County Judge and gave
      : them, on a silver platter, the ability to earn more than the
      : average Galveston County taxpayer with benefits a lot of us can't
      : afford and for this all we ask from them is:


      : Please understand, Galveston County, without even raising its rate,
      : will be able to generate an additional $6 million this year. Do
      : not let the Commissioner's Court tell us they are going to lose
      : $300,000 or more in interest on our money.

      : Please come this Wednesday morning at 9:30 A.M. and let your voice
      : be heard!

      Mark Reiff
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