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Re: [GBrown-L] Carnegie Hall 4.6.01 ??

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  • Shirley Cottle
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    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2002
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      At 11:18 PM 5/31/02 -0500, JonO wrote:
      >Did Greg play Carnegie Hall? I can't remember.

      Yep. See below.
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      Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 23:55:31 -0700
      Subject: [GBrown-L] Greg Brown Carnegie Hall 4/6/01

      As one who has traveled to more than a handful of States to see Greg, it
      was a true pleasure to walk all of one block from work to see him at
      Carnegie Hall.

      He was the opener for Ani, and as such, played an all too short set, which was:

      Where is Maria
      'Cept You & Me Babe
      Loneliness House
      Hillbilly Girl
      Your Town Now
      '64 Dodge

      He also joined Ani for her first encore, Untouchable Face. At the end of
      the song, which repeats the line "Who am I?", Ani looked at Greg, laughed,
      and asked "who is this guy?" Greg shrugged and smiled and countered with
      "I don't know that guy." I found it amusing, anyway. Like something out
      of the Greg trivia book.

      He prefaced "Hillbilly Girl" by saying, "Well, I just have to do a song
      about my momma... I just have to..." I thoguht to myself, yeah, any good
      boy would do a song about his momma if he found himself on the stage of
      Carnegie Hall.

      And the ruminative chords of '64 Dodge sounded particularly good with those
      For those of us in the East, it was a brief, but enjoyable 40 minutes in
      the midst of the hiatus.

      Ani was superb. And more importantly, her fans were more restrained (fear
      not, there was still plenty of ear-splitting shrieking) than I've heard
      before - maybe it was the setting, or the fact that she did a lot of
      new(er) material. I've always respected her playing, and whereas in the
      past I've found some of her repertoire a tad monotonous, she showed
      tonight how goddamn well she can play guitar. Simply masterful.

      - eric

      Fern and Brian made the trip down, and after bitching about our not being
      able to make it to SH3, we were able to take a deep breath and enjoy what
      we had.
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