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Rise and Shine!!!

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  • Shelley
    Ok I m up early this Saturday morning and I m doing the laundry. Isn t it nice to keep the other club members apprised on my domestic activities?? Her
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001
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      Ok I'm up early this Saturday morning and I'm doing the laundry.
      Isn't it nice to keep the other club members apprised on my domestic
      activities?? Her Empress-ness is going to be sorry that she
      encouraged me not to be timid about posting. . .

      Anyway, my purpose for this message is that I have a terrific recipe
      called "Iowa Pork Chops" that I got from Better Homes and Gardens
      online (http://www.bhg.com -- I think). Meredith Publishing, the
      parent company, is based in Des Moines, and BH&G magazine is always
      coming up with recipes original to Iowa and reflective of Midwestern
      cooking. I hate to say it, but it's my favorite magazine. Yes, yes,
      I know it should be Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire or something more
      chic, given my present city of habitation, but. . .it's not.

      Anyway, lemme find the recipe and I'll post it later today. By the
      way, girls (or you guys who like to cook), if you're interested in
      finding great recipes hailing from the Midwest, take a look at the
      website. They have a feature where you can save the ones that you
      like the best--kind of like a paperless recipe file--and they also
      have a chat room. But beware! These housewives can get awful
      catty. One time one lady was talking about a recipe that starts with
      a plain yellow cake mix, and this other lady says, "Oh I never use a
      recipe that calls for something as common as a cake mix." And the
      other lady retorted, "Well, not all of us have time to spend all day
      in the kitchen impressing the neighbors with our cooking!"

      I left before the cat fight broke out.

      Yep, real busy social life here. Belonging to the BH&G online club,
      quilting circle, cooking. . .just burning up the joint, I am. I
      mean, I could fib and say I was out all night dancing at the
      Hippodrome in Manhattan, but. . .at this point, would any of you
      believe me??

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