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    You know, Wyatt, I agree that the Pocket Books from the 50s and 60s were small gems. I have a half dozen of the A.A. Fair books in this format and they are
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      You know, Wyatt, I agree that the Pocket Books from the 50s and 60s were small gems.  I have a half dozen of the A.A. Fair books in this format and they are darn attractive. 
      I also agree that they have not made a definitive version of Mason yet, no matter how much I love Burr.  He had his own style, which worked for that time, but I don't think the series as a whole captures the whirlwind atmosphere that Gardner creates.  Yes, there was a certain formula to each book, but you quickly forget that as clue and incident is piled upon clue and incident.  The Burr series misses that a bit I feel.
      I think that Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Briscoe County, Jr.) would make a good Perry.  He would bring the twinkle in the eye, the humor (which is sorely needed), the attractiveness to women, the height, the square jaw, and jaunty acting style that would suit Perry to a tee.  And I think he would do more than fine when Perry needs to act tough. 
      And did Perry sleep with Della??  Gardner, I don't think, ever came right out and said, but I believe they did.  Witness the kissing scene in the middle of THE CASE OF THE SLEEPWALKER'S NIECE.  Whoo boy, that's a hot one, and where would that naturally lead...??  Besides, Della was completely loyal to Mason, and I mean completely.  If another man ever asked her to marry him you can bet that she would refuse.  Mason asked Della to marry him more than once and she always said no.  Why??  She wanted to keep her job.  And boy, am I glad she did.  Mason without Della would be like Holmes without Watson, Laurel without Hardy.  It just wouldn't be the same.
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      Complete Perry Mason:
      God, I envy you. I had an almost complete set of the little Pocket
      Book editions from the 50's-60's but got rid of them when I had to
      move. In fact, I'd rather have all those of those neat little books
      (much less in size than modern paperbacks, and they all had the
      silver-colored spine) than six-foot-wide shelving for hardcovers.

      Much as I like Burr on TV as Perry Mason, the books were really
      superior, especially if you can read them without the John Thaw
      (Morse) Jeremy Brett (Holmes) syndrome etc. Gardner did write to
      formula ("Della Street crossed her svelt non-secretarial legs" --
      something like this appeared in the first chapter of every book), but
      the plots were very ingenious and the courtroom showdowns a hell of a
      lot more interesting than they ever were on TV. Fool, fool, fool,
      that I ever gave those books up!

      (It was particularly interesting watching bits of the OJ Simpson
      trial a few years ago, gives one an idea of how the courts work in
      California, a subject that Gardner had down cold. I kept expecting
      somebody, not OJ, jumping up and shouting at Ito, "I did it, you
      moron." -- "Objection! Irrelevant" shouts Marsha Burger the

      By the way, did Perry ever sleep with Della? It was never even
      implied, but one would hope so.

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      > Splendid news all around, Enrique. Thanks for the info.
      > Best w's,
      > S.T. Karnick
      > S. T. Karnick
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      > Director of Publications, Hudson Institute (www.hudson.org)
      > >>> enfbirdp@c... 01/03/02 01:19PM >>>
      > Sam and other friends,
      > I suggest you subscribe to the Columbia House Perry Mason video
      > which now comes also in DVD. Each tape has 2 episodes, which are as
      good as
      > you can get them and uncut. Well worth the 19.99 + s&h price.
      Actually, I
      > receive the VHSs, so do not know the DVD's price.
      > Incidentally, do not fail to visit the following link to the show:
      > http://www.oz.net/~daveb/perry.htm
      > To fulfill the demands of my love for Perry Mason, as I mentioned
      before, I
      > recently acquired the complete Erle Stanley Gardner collection
      published in
      > the 1970s by Morrow as a set at a very good price. Definitely my
      > catch of 2001!
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    • Jon Jermey
      From: Nicholas Fuller [mailto:stoke_moran@yahoo.com] What about The Crooked Hinge? While being approachable (country-house setting not too different from the
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        From: Nicholas Fuller [mailto:stoke_moran@...]
         What about The Crooked Hinge?  While being approachable (country-house setting not too different from the generic detective story of the time), it is still definitely a Carr work: eerie atmosphere with possibilities of the supernatural, good clues, brilliantly staggering surprise solution.  And, while complex, it isn't convoluted.  The Titanic scenes would also appeal.  
        This raises an interesting question. Would the actor playing the murderer have to share the murderer's characteristics (readers will know what I mean)? If not, surely it would be unfair to expect viewers to work out the solution. If so I think it would be so dazzlingly obvious as to spoil any attempt at mystery. But then, as I've made clear before, I think that The Crooked Hinge doesn't have a leg to stand on.
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