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Two Sentence Reviews

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  • mike5568
    1. The Man Who Killed Fortescue (1928,D.Tillett)- Enjoyable but talky book that has a good feel for its time. Not alot happens, but the characters are well
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      1. The Man Who Killed Fortescue (1928,D.Tillett)- Enjoyable but
      talky book that has a good feel for its time. Not alot happens, but
      the characters are well done in a pleasant but not memorable
      2. Death Of His Uncle (1939,C.B.Kitchen)- Boring and pretentious
      tale by the author of the much better Death Of My Aunt. The killer`s
      not even a mystery, highly un-recommended.
      3. Corpse With The Eerie Eye (1942,R.A.J.Walling)- Interesting
      story by an author I hadn`t read before. The sleuth, Philip
      Tolefree, is similar to Nigel Strangeways but Wallings books about
      Tolefree came before (1929 and on) Blake started the Strangeway
      4. Close Quarters (1947,Michael Gilbert)- Not much to recommend
      about this. Bland and talky without much of a mystery about it,
      Gilbert got much better later on.
      5. Funeral In Eden (1938,Paul McGuire)- A pleasant surprise here.
      A unique setting with well-developed characters and good, if
      somewhat dramatic dialogue round out a well told tale of murder on a
      tropical island.
      6. The Birthday Murder (1945,Lange Lewis)- A fairly interesting
      beginning goes nowhere and gets maudlin. The story and the police
      inspector reminded me of a Helen Reilly Inspector McKee book, only
      not as good (and the Reilly books aren`t that great either).
      7. A Shot In The Arm (1982,John Sherwood)- Set in England in the
      1930`s (subtitle of the book is Murder At The BBC), the author does
      a good job at re-creating the times but this really isn`t a mystery
      as the killer is known before the book is half over. Not a
      sympathetic character to be found, but not bad, something
      8. Corpse In The Green Pygamas (1935,R.A.J.Walling)- Another good
      atmospheric mystery with Philip Tolefree, this one takes place in a
      castle. Not hard to figure out how things were done, but Walling
      weaves such an interesting tale with eccentric characters
      surrounding Tolefree, it`s plain enjoyable.
      9. Murder At The Flea Club (1955,Matthew Head)- Well written,
      snappy dialouge and an interesting setting with vivid characters.
      Even though the first third of the book is a conversation recounting
      what had happened the previous two days, and the killer isn`t a
      surprise, it holds your attention right from the start and is a
      solid read.
      10. Ghost Of A Chance (1945,Kelly Roos)- Jeff and Haila Troy
      chasing over New York trying to prevent a murder. The Troys are
      right up there with Jane and Dagobert Brown for most interesting
      husband/wife slething teams, very enjoyable. 3.7
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