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'The Under Groove' (1907)

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    A fix-up novel, short stories strung together. THE UNDER GROOVE. By Arthur Stringer. The McClure Co. 1907. 335 pages. Full review: There are two bits of
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      A "fix-up" novel, short stories strung together.

      By Arthur Stringer.
      The McClure Co.
      1907. 335 pages.

      Full review:

      "There are two bits of wisdom which the world is fond of
      bestowing on would-be authors. The young dramatist is
      told that the first ten minutes of his first act must be
      twaddle, because people are then taking their wraps off
      and banging seats. The young story writer is told that
      there is no market for volumes of short stories. The
      effect on the dramatist is that he meets the demand,
      and turns out twaddle. The effect on the writer of stories
      is that he publishes volumes of short tales which are
      bound together by the personality of a single dominating
      character, detector of crime, criminal, or mere dispenser
      of philosophy in dialect. From the number of such books
      published in the last few years, it is to be supposed that
      the device is a successful one, and that a volume of short
      stories with a single hero sells more easily than a
      collection of unrelated tales. But if it is true that such
      books sell more easily, it is also true that they read with
      increasing difficulty after the third or fourth chapter.
      Even Arthur Stringer, in his latest volume, has not
      escaped the pitfall of monotony, and this in spite of a
      style and method incomparably superior to the average
      level of craftsmanship that is brought to the writing of
      stories dealing with crime and Byronic criminals. In
      themselves the eight stories, with one or two exceptions,
      would make good reading; the first story is excellent.
      But the author has intensified the element of sameness
      by resorting in them all to that familiar device of the
      electric wire which, whether for telegraph, telephone,
      or power current, he has employed in earlier books."
      - Unsigned
      - "Current Fiction"
      - THE NATION
      - June 18, 1908
      - http://www.unz.org/Pub/Nation-1908jun18-00557

      Full review:

      " 'The Under Groove', by Arthur Stringer, deals with
      the methods of the professional criminal, and would
      be far better if it had omitted the telepathic and
      hypnotic basis on which it is constructed. The
      author omits to tell us how his innocent criminal,
      who becomes such in a minute, acquires his won-
      derful technical knowledge of the methods of the
      - Unsigned
      - "Novels and Tales"
      - June 6, 1908
      - http://www.unz.org/Pub/Outlook-1908jun06-00312?View=PDFPages
      - [Jump To page 314]



      I. The Adventure of the Third Arm

      II. The Adventure of the Unknown Door

      III. The Adventure of the Black Company

      IV. The Adventure of the Private Wire

      V. The Adventure of the Time-Lock

      VI. The Adventure of the Emerald Pendant

      VII. The Adventure of the Travis coup

      VIII. The Adventure of the End and the Beginning


      Available online:
      - http://www.unz.org/Pub/StringerArthur-1908?View=ReadIt
      - http://www.unz.org/Pub/StringerArthur-1908?View=ReadIt2

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